I went to a new hair girl last night (Emili – M’s at Sola Salon couty line and quebec). I needed a color and cut in a desperate way (3 months is WAAAAAY to long when you’re hair is shorter) and the normal hair girl is having some health issues. So after P Jill had a hair emergency last Thursday and Kate reccomended her girl I thought I’d try her too. Why not?!

Now those who know me know I’ve had my hair about every possible color and hairstyle possible. The last time I was blonde it wasn’t good… I wasn’t supposed to be that blonde. She left them in too long and I was Gwen Stefani blonde. (No there aren’t any pics of that short phase of my life). I was a little hesitant to do blonde again, but I thought “what the heck. It’s just hair. I can grow it out.” SOOO I’m blonde now. You’ll have to see me Sunday to check it out and if you don’t like it please keep it to yourself 🙂


It’s not anything spectacular but the lyrics are so…. UGHHHHH man…

I’ve actually know this for a while. God doesn’t need someone else to speak for him 99% of the time. Most of the time we’re just trying to be nosey and butt in where we don’t belong or get on our soapbox to share our opinions and use God’s name to do it. (Ouch- was that too harsh?) I’ve grown very cautious about saying to anyone “I think God is saying this.” I know the havoc that can reek in someone’s life if that’s really not what God is saying and that’s using God name in vain!! Giving “thus sayeth the Lord” when it’s not God or when you use it as a manipulation tool to get someone to do what you want you are operating out of witchcraft. That’s Satan’s area of expertise. He twists things to benefit him. I do my best to not do this to anyone because I know how much trouble it causes. So if I’ve ever done this to anyone please forgive me! I apologize truly and sincerely.

Let me make my balancing statement: I realize that God does use people to speak to you, but it should confirm what you already know from God not tell you a new direction.  As long as you have a consistent relationship with God and are seeking him there’s no reason that He would have to tell someone else to tell you something new. If you’re walking tight with God I believe there will be very few times when God uses other people to speak to you. It’d be easier for him to just tell you himself (in my opinion he prefers this method. Direct communication is always better than 2nd hand or 3rd hand). However, if you know God is bugging you to say something to someone, by all means do it. You’ll be disobendient if you don’t.

So when this concept of I can hear God all by myself is actually played out in my life it’s quite funny and slightly entertaining I think. I have a little comic on my computer screen that has these two little girls talking and one says to the other “I can talk to God whenever and wherever I want to and I don’t get a busy signal.” The other girl is holding a cell phone waiting for someone. This is my reminder of John 10:4-5.

“My sheep know my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.”

Some people, no matter how old you get, will feel the need to be the voice of God in your life. It takes maturity and lots of practice to lovingly say that “I appreciate your opinion, but I have my own relationship God and that’s not what He’s telling me to do now. I love you, but I disagree at this point.” It also takes maturity to realize taht for most people their motives are pure in their eyes. It’s because they love you. This has been a reoccuring theme in my life this last year and I am looking forward to having practiced it enough times that I won’t even blink when saying I disagree with a “thus sayeth the Lord.”

So I thought I’d share a “me and God” moment. God is so funny. I don’t know why I still think I can “get away” with things. You’d think after the few dozen times He’s “caught me” I’d remember that I can’t get away with stuff.

This recent one I thought I’d get away with is me thinking it’s ok to be an “over emotional, want it both ways when it’s convenient for me” type of girl. Now, I know rationally and logically in my head that I can’t get away with this but does that stop me? I’d like to say yes, but the truth is that sometimes I wanna be the one that slips by just this one time, the exception to the rule just once.

God said “Chrissie you can’t have it both ways; you need to pick. Either this is something that you like and are proud of or it’s something that you’re not okay with.” It wasn’t harsh but it got my attention. I’m going to tell on myself, but I thought that I wouldn’t be and wasn’t one of those girls who thought they could have it whatever way they wanted when they wanted it. Some of you are laughing at my silliness. I’ll admit that it is pretty funny following my train of thought sometimes.

Thankfully, I have God who loves me enough not to let me skate by and get away with the small things. It took a while but I see that it’s actually His love for me that moves him to reprimand me. I know myself well enough to know that if he let me get away with things I used to do I’d regress back instead of pushing forward with who he’s called me to be.

Slipping by just this one time opens a huge door of me making excuses to live a life of less than what He expects of me. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to not be the exception to the rule person. Exception to the rule people tend to think that they can live a mediocre life without the sacrifices and still get the benefits of living an excellent life. I will gladly accept my reprimand from my loving Father because the alternative isn’t worth it in the long run.


I love you and I’m proud of you! I could brag on you all day long. You really have handled everything like a man of God with loads of integrity and wisdom beyond your years. You’re so young to have so much wisdom and that’s a credit to your mentors and your willingness to put action to what you hear.

Looks like God’s taught you a lot over the last 4 years. There’s a few things you’ve taught me:

1. Don’t make big decions during an emotional upheaval. How true this is. Many people have made horrible decisions because they made emotional ones. I’m so glad I understand to wait out my emotions because they will change and clarity will come.

2. Pray like depends on God, work like it depends on you.Your prayer life is inspirational. You wouldn’t have to ever say anything about it; it just speaks for itself. I can’t tell you how many times you’re loud pushing the envelope prayers have challenged me to kick it up a notch or two. Your prayer life stands head and shoulders above most people’s. Then there’s your work ethic… which I think is a good deal to do with growing up in the Midwest but I might be slightly biased in that. I think it’s a great asset and will continue to open doors up for you. You have definitely brought up the work ethic level around Catalyst in your 4 years here and left a legacy of things getting done right and not halfway. 

3. Family is ministry, ministry is family. Family is always a priority to you. You may work crazy hours some weeks, but you make up for it afterwards with daddy dates and hot date nights! 🙂 You’re a very involved parent and that says a lot about your priorities. And you’ve made ministry family. Catalyst is so much more of a family now. It’s great to see “Death to Mr. clique” become a reality around here. We’ve built of culture of loving each other for who we are, where we are, and lovingly calling each other to a higher level.

Well, those are my top 3 lessons. There’s more and some day you can read about it in my memoirs, but that’ll have to do for now. 🙂 Thanks for being open to Him and being open with us. Leading by example is what it’s about and I’ve never had anyone in my life do it better and more consistently than you have.

I’m honored to call you my pastor, but more than that I’m privileged to call you family!